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How Can We Help You?

Design a Better Material Handling System
Upgrade your Warehouse Management Software
Maximize Your Limited Warehouse Space
Solve Your Staffing Problems with Robotics
Improve Worker Safety and Productivity
Optimize Your Order Picking & Fulfillment
Integrating Existing & New Material Handling Technology
Address Your Most Complex Automation Challenges
Provide ongoing maintenance and lifecycle support

What are we doing?

It’s really simple: we work for YOU. Together, we work as your partner and trusted adviser to leverage your staff’s experience with our material handling knowledge to reduce risk and achieve your goals.

Not All Integrators are Alike

While independent integrators are often the best choice, we are not created equally. Does your integrator have the engineering chops to do your work in-house? You may be surprised with the answers you receive…

Many integrators are just glorified sales agents for the equipment manufacturers. Intech  has a full staff of experienced design engineers.

We do more than specify and integrate equipment. Our in-house controls team engineers complete turnkey systems including upstream and downstream equipment.
We not only understand material handling software, our DCX Software Suite that can supplement existing WMS systems or act as a full WMS on its own.

Intech Automation is a full-service automation provider with engineers specializing in design, controls, robotic and software.

Intech Automation is a very successful and financially stable company backed by one of the largest material handling equipment dealers in the nation.

Intech Automation has been around for over 20 years and been a valued automation partner for numerous Fortune 500 companies for decades.

20 Years


We serve a variety of industries throughout the United States—from agriculture to water systems—by designing and engineering custom automated control solutions specific to each individual industry. No matter how unique your manufacturing or production needs, we are committed to designing and engineering a custom-automated control solution specific to that industry—a solution that will reduce your costs and give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Automate your Manufacturing with Robotics

Custom Solutions for When Performance Matters
“Made in India”

Our team of certified robotics integrators build custom, turn-key solutions that cut production costs, ease bottlenecks and ramp up your performance. Robots cover a large portion of tasks on the industrial level and bring great benefits to your factory:

Our Focus

Since our inception in 1983, we have continually expanded our capabilities, but our focus on listening to our client’s needs, creating innovative concepts and delivering tailored solutions on time and within budget is what makes us successful.

Intech Collaborative Robots For Your Team

As a finalist For Intech India’s Innovative System of the Year, we are fully equipped to handle any automation task your factory of facility needs.

This includes implementing automation robots that don’t require the need for a safety fence. This means that robots can work side-by-side with your team in a highly effective, safe and efficient way.

Intech Robots collaborative robots take over repetitive tasks, lift up to 35 kg and are capable performing some of the features larger robotic systems can handle. You team can focus on the critical tasks, all while boosting your productivity. Intech Robots are experienced Intech robotic integrators capable of taking your facility to the next level.
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