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About Intech Automation

An Experienced Partner You Can Trust

At Intech Automation, we know that implementing robotics into any operation can be an intimidating experience.  Designing, installing and integrating robotics into an operation is no easy task yet are typically very important to the ongoing success of a company.
When choosing to work with Intech Automation, you can rest assured knowing that you are working with a partner you can trust. We have been developing palletizing solutions since 1983 and have been engaged in robotics since the advent of the technology.

What Makes Us Different

Experts at Integration

As part of Intech Automation, we do more than just build robotic palletizers. We design, install and integrate complete solutions including the systems' controls and ancillary equipment.

Proven Success

Not only have we enjoyed long partnerships with some of the world's leading manufacturers of palletizing robot arms, but we have solved some of the hardest challenges that these companies have faced.

Ongoing Support

Our turnkey solutions don't stop once your system is installed. We offer training, customized operator manuals and ongoing support complete with remote diagnostics capabilities.

Extensive Knowledge of Controls

Our controls are designed by in-house engineers that not only understand robotics, but often develop controls that will interact with an entire system - sometimes even including the ERP system.

Intelligent Cell Design and Layout

We have a track record of developing solutions that improve productivity utilizing best-in-class robotic arms from Integra Teknomate, intelligent end-of-arm tooling design and innovative designs that integrate seamlessly into their environment.