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Automated Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing & Distribution

Staying up to date on the latest technology, trends and safety standards is vital in the automotive industry. From automated solutions for component manufacturing and vehicle assembly to tire and wheel handling, we have the experience to maximize the efficiency and safety of your facility while complying with regulations and labor challenges. Our client versatility, in automotive and beyond, means we bring you the innovation needed to resolve your operational challenges.

As an independent integrator and following a brand-agnostic philosophy, Integra Teknomate embraces customization in manufacturing and distribution. Working with a variety of materials, weights, and dimensions, we know how important it is to adhere to evolving safety standards. The growing electric vehicle market adds a new challenge. Our custom automation solutions play a large role in developing ergonomic environments, as well as taking on the heavy lifting.

Intech Automations’ turnkey supply chain software can integrate with host ERP systems for a seamless operation. Our warehouse execution and control system software is unique and allows for versatility; giving you complete access and visibility to your full operation.

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