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Consumer Goods

Data-Backed Support for Sustainable Consumer Goods Solutions

With endless brand options for customers, maintaining a competitive edge in the consumer goods industry requires a creative and flexible approach. Integra Teknomate has been providing material handling automation systems to the industry for many years and each is as unique as the next. Some configurations are created to handle market fluctuations, others tackle space utilization and reverse logistics, while others focus on labor efficiencies and picking accuracy.

Whether you are looking to elevate your business with the most recent tech, build on an existing process or re-envision your strategy, Integra Teknomate takes a brand-agnostic philosophy to combine the right technology for the job. We leverage our resources and capabilities to solve the problems of today and support growth tomorrow. This is applicable to various consumer goods and mixed pallets: clothing to electronics and different shape and size products. A holistic, data-centered approach makes your process more responsive, efficient and agile. Your production and distribution will be ready to absorb market changes.

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