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Cross Docking & Returns

Streamline and automate your cross docking and returns operations

Returns and cross docking logistics add complexity to your facility’s operational flow that can quickly increase costs and labor demands, as well as make inventory management a challenge. With the right automation, Integra Teknomate’ experts can add efficiency to your returns process and increase throughput with streamlined cross docking.

Using solutions that are scalable, like goods to person and palletizing systems, gives you faster and easier high-volume product and case handling. This can operate in conjunction with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to give you visibility to outbound inventory movement and improve cross docking functions.

Similarly, we work with you to simplify and streamline your reverse logistics so you can quickly assess resale, restocking, and short-term storage. Our data-backed approach helps to design solutions that resolve your pain points – reduce waste, make better use of your workforce, reduce facility vehicle traffic, eliminate interference with order fulfillment – and ultimately make your returns process a less-complicated operation that results in happy customers

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