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Food & Beverage

Engineered Solutions for Food and Beverage

Meeting demands for retailers and distributors is vital in the food and beverage industry regardless of regional, national or global reach. Intech Automation understands that to stay competitive means clear visibility into operations and the ability to pivot and embrace rising trends in ecommerce and micro fulfillment.

Facing 24/7 demands, we know how vital it is to have minimal interruptions for things like facility restructuring or automation servicing. Using data-backed analysis, we will unlock opportunities to scale, grow and optimize every aspect of your operation. Our team will work with you to find the best time to implement, and do so quickly, to ensure minimal downtime.

Intech Automation has developed custom technologies in case handling, packing, shipping and conveying to accommodate the specifications needed for your food and beverage logistics needs. Additionally, Integra Teknomate’ brand agnostic approach means access to a gamut of resources that allow us to find the most appropriate technologies to create systems custom-tailored for industry-specific requirements of food and beverage operations.

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