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Industrial Controls

Robust Controls Integration for Reliable Warehouse Automation

For warehouse managers, controlling how your material handling equipment works standalone and together is key to running an efficient operation that achieves maximum productivity. From validating designs, emulation testing in a virtual platform, executing installation and developing user-friendly HMIs, Bastian Solutions’ industrial controls are designed with your business objectives in mind.

Controls solutions enable individual system components to work together seamlessly through proper sequencing and coordination, reaching top-notch performance levels with programmed alerts for quick action. From simple to complex, full control systems, Bastian Solutions’ controls services and offerings bring you open, non-proprietary solutions that are custom designed for specific system sizes and functions. The modular design architectures make reconfigurations and future growth quick and easy. Our team of trusted engineers will help you choose the right industrial control solution for your project and quickly get it up and running.

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