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Material Handling Consulting & Design

We’ll Help You Plan Effectively Before You Integrate

Our process is designed to identify opportunities to optimize your factory, warehouse or distribution center. Whether you’re improving your existing manufacturing and warehousing equipment, investing in expansion or all new automation, our consultants can help. We work with both local and global companies in a wide variety of industries. We review your operations to find its strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to plan and design the perfect solution together. Whatever type of analysis you need, you’ll find it at Intech Automation.

Services We Offer

Engineering Studies & Operations Master Plans

Get a customized road map to improve your operations through data collection, benchmarking, analysis and actionable recommendations.

Facility Layout & Warehouse Design

Improve your workflow to increase throughput, reduce operator movements and optimize floor space.

System Simulation & Optimization

Visualize, test theperformance and adjust your new system designs with comprehensive computer modelling.

Lean Manufacturing Study

Identify and eliminate waste within your production environment to help it run more efficiently.

Slotting Analysis

Discover the ideal locations to store inventory to speed up picking, increase order accuracy and reduce ergonomic risks.

Supply Chain Network Design & Optimization

Update and optimize your supply chain network to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Sustainability Study

Find ways to meet your corporate sustainability goals with greenhouse gas accounting and clean energy adoption studies.

WMS Selection

Work with us to evaluate your business needs, and then identify and customize your ideal warehouse management system.

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