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Order Fulfillment: Picking, Packing & Shipping Solutions

Improve Customer Service with the Right Order Fulfillment Systems

At the core of order fulfillment is accurate and on-time order delivery. Customer satisfaction can be increased with added branding and packaging inserts that feature discount codes or personalized “thank you” notes but incorrect or delayed orders have a lasting impact. Having worked with a variety of company sizes across the globe, Integra Teknomate experts know first-hand the right technology can create a strong order fulfillment foundation that can scale as needed.

Regular evaluations of existing operations can help identify opportunity for improvement in order accuracy, productivity, automation and more effectively prepare for future growth. Our consultants review your current and past data to cultivate optimal technologies and make the best use of your facility footprint. As independent integrators, we can select cost-effective technology and equipment to support your team and your overall picking and packing operations.

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