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Pallet Handling Solutions

Fast, Flexible and Automated Pallet Handling Options

Not all products come in tidy, small boxes. Even when they do, loads need to be consistently and efficiently transferred from unloading docks to storage or cross-docked and sent straight to order fulfillment. Likewise, palletizing for distribution requires speed and precision to maintain high productivity levels and flow in your facility. Having the ability to adjust, maintain low costs, and be flexible to different product handling needs is fundamental to staying competitive.

Intech Automation consultants and engineers have tools and technology that can handle everything from small products to bulky loads, and a variety of mixed-case palletizing configurations. Mixed case palletizing is critical to operations as retail locations keep a smaller number of SKUs on hand. By enhancing your processes with data-backed automated or robotic palletizing solutions, our goal is to create a dependable end-of-line system that saves you costs by reducing waste and allowing accurate inventory tracking through compatible easy-to-use software support.

Manual pallet handling is a labor-intensive job with repetitive movements, creating a higher risk of strains and injury. Our engineers can help you assess your facility workflow and simultaneously add convenient, ergonomic benefits that support your team. Our designs incorporate creativity at the foundation, coupled with the optimum advanced technologies for a complete pallet handling solution.

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