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Intelligent Automation for Pharmaceutical Precision

Health sciences manufacturing and distribution operations of pharmaceuticals have very specific needs and stringent requirements considering their medicinal uses. The need for precision in every step of the process is something Intech Automation not only has experience with but can craft solutions to support the successful handling and delivery of raw materials, ingredients and medicines.

The industry has experienced a consistent growth in product lines and with it come environmental and space challenges. By optimizing processes, Intech Automation can help identify material handling automation solutions that can operate in ambient or cold temperatures. With space constraints or need for rapid storage builds, AutoStore and other automated storage solutions may be the right fit. Being prepared for all circumstances in the pharmaceutical industry in order to maintain efficiency, meet strict ordering guidelines, and secure products means having an agile and resilient system in place. Through analysis and data review, Intech Automation will work with you to refine current processes with automation and prepare for new territory growth with nuances in mind.

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